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30 Days of Prayer – During the 30 days of prayer, set aside time each day to spend with God in prayer. Each day you will read scripture that will guide your prayer time. Pray specifically for the progress of the spiritual life of your church, and that God heals this nation.


DAY 1 - Read John 17:24-26

- Pray that God Himself gets to know you.

- We should experience Him every day.


DAY 2 - Read Mark 1:17, 3:14

- Pray that we get to know God by doing the assignment and fulfilling the Kingdom Purpose He has given us.


DAY 3 - Read I Corinth 2:16

- Pray to God that we receive the same mind set as Jesus.

- A corrupted mind set (negative, complaining, etc.) will hinder our prayers.


DAY 4 - Read Mark 1:16-20

- Pray that God teaches us how to relate to Him.

- Our prayer life must include much listening to God and moving out of our comfort zone.


DAY 5 - Read John 6:60-68

- Pray that God teaches us how to obey His Authority.

- When you learn how to respond to God Quickly and willingly, He will increasingly use us for His Glory.


DAY 6 - Read Matthew 16:21-23

-Pray that God transforms our mind from self-centered to God-centered.


DAY 7 - Read Luke 5:1-10, John 21:1-19

- Pray that God teaches us how to know His Love.

- We come to understand His Love by the experiences that we go through, and that He brings us through.

DAY 8 - Read John 10:4, John 10:27

- Pray that we learn how to recognize the Voice of God.

- The more we seek Him, the more we learn to recognize Him speaking to us.

DAY 9 - Read Matthew 6:33, Psalms 66:18, Ephesians 4:22-24

- Pray to God that we put off Pride and put on Humility.

- The cleanness of our hearts will determine whether or not God listens to us

DAY 10 - Read Mark 1:17, Matthew 8:10, Matthew 8:26

- Pray that we learn to respond in Faith

- We must trust God as He leads us into difficult situations.

- When we respond in Faith, we receive His mighty Power.

DAY 11 - Read Nehemiah 9

- Pray to God that we start with Him and not with our requests

- We should not begin praying for needs, but begin our prayers with God. He’s Almighty, He’s Important, and we should see his viewpoint first.

DAY 12 - Read Romans 12:1-2, Ephesians 4:23

- Pray that God renews our mind

- Until our mind is renewed, we will not connect with God.

DAY 13 - Read Psalms 119:9, 119:25, 119:28, 119:65

- Pray that we use God’s Word to transform us.

- We should regularly feed on the Word.

- Through His Word, God impacts our understanding, causes us to focus on Him, and drives us to do His Will.


DAY 14 - Read Jeremiah 29:13, Matthew 13:14-15, Heb 10:22

- Pray to God that our hearts draw near to Him.

- When God speaks to us, we must respond.

DAY 15 - Read Psalms 100, 2 Corinth 3:18

- Pray to God that we learn to respond to Him in gratitude for what He has done for us.

- Praises turn our eyes off self and circumstances onto God.


DAY 16 - Read Psalms 31:23

- Pray to God that we focus more on who He is (His Person) so we show that we love Him.

- God desires the kind of relationship with us that is marked by real love for Him.


DAY 17 - Read Psalms 95:6

- Pray to God that we worship Him by submitting our lives to His Will.

- Worship is primarily a heart response.

- Becoming emotional on Sunday, but fail to change our lifestyle, we have not worshipped.


DAY 18 - Read Isaiah 6:1-5

- Pray that we see God so that we can see our sins and repent.

- If we do not confess our sins, God will not listen to us when we pray.


DAY 19 - Read Hebrews 11:6, James 1:5-8

- Pray to God that we have faith when we come to Him.

- When we pray we must pray with confidence in God.


DAY 20 - Read Matthew 26:39-44

- Pray to God that we have the resolve to walk with Him no matter what.

- If we feed on His goodness, faithfulness, promises and actions, our joy is renewed which strengthens our resolve.

DAY 21 - Read Matthew 6:10, 6:13, 6:33

- Pray that we seek first His Kingdom so that we may receive things from Him.

- We should take action on things that increase the Kingdom (glorification of Jesus, edification of God’s people, conversion of the lost).


DAY 22 - Read Matthew 6:13, John 14:13, I Corinth 10:31

- Pray that our Prayers and lifestyles are connected to glorifying God and His Son.

-If we seek first the Kingdom of God, we make every thought and choice contribute to glorifying Him.


DAY 23 - Read Ephesians 4:12, 4:16, 4:29

- Pray to God for the Church to be edified.

- We should only use our gifts, resources and mouths to build others up, not tear them down.

- When those we pray for are strengthened, they can better serve the Lord.


DAY 24 - Read I Timothy 2:1-4

- Pray to God that those who are lost, and don’t know Christ, would be saved.

- Let us also pray for those who are in positions of authority so that they hold standards that are moral.

- When people understand right and wrong, they become accountable, and more readily fear God.


DAY 25 - Read Acts 10:17, 10:19, 10:34

- Pray to God that we recognize and respond to Him along the way so that our prayer requests will be granted.

- When we pray, God will not always make His Will clear immediately, or answer us without our involvement.


DAY 26 - Read Psalms 51:6

- Pray to God that we understand His Word (the scriptures) in our hearts.

- He speaks to our hearts to let us know how to follow Him.

- Ask God: What are you telling me? How do you want me to respond?


DAY 27 - Read Philippians 1:6, 2:13

- Pray to God that He teaches us how to recognize when He is working through other people.

- We know that God is working through someone when they hunger for spiritual things, desires to serve Him, seek ways to build up others, and demonstrates unusual strength in trials.


DAY 28 - Read Jeremiah 9:24, John 6:44, Isaiah 26:9

- Pray to God that we always recognize when He is at work.

- We know that it is God at work when loving-kindness, justice and righteousness exist.


DAY 29 - Read Philippians 4:6-7, I Peter 5:7

- Pray that we can trust God enough to tell Him anything.

- God wants us to tell Him our greatest concerns and all the things that impact us (needs, griefs, etc.), because He cares for us.


DAY 30 - Read Acts 2:42, 2:46-47

- Pray to God that we conclude our prayers in a spirit of celebration, anticipation, and joy.

- Once we have our minds and hearts renewed, we can now leave our prayer closets to serve Him.